About us

The Natural Group

Located within the Golden Triangle, the Natural Group represents our chain of restaurants, all of which offer different dining experiences.

Our beef is entirely sourced from Uruguay.

All the beef served in our restaurants and shop is 100% grazed and finished on natural grasses and is certified ‘Never Ever’. This guarantees they have ‘Never Ever’ been given Antibiotics, Hormones, Growth promoters or fed grain.

The result is a healthy product with a natural taste, which is high in omega 3, Vitamin E, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA’s), is high in nutrients and low in saturated fats.

All of our beef products are produced to the highest animal and human welfare standards.

Our customers will enjoy first class menus with quality guaranteed. As a group we use only the very best natural ingredients, and it’s our mission to deliver exceptional service, on every visit.

The Natural group is committed to using all Natural, Organic, Free Ranged and GMO free products. Understanding the importance of health, safety and quality, within our food..

We look forward to welcoming you. To book your table at any of our restaurants, call our central reservations line on:

(+351) 289 350 040