Never Ever Certification

The Natural Way

All of our beef is sourced from a key partner, Breeders and Packers of Uruguay (BPU).
Uruguay has the perfect climate. Clean air, plentiful water and lush green pastures, to allow the European Hereford and Angus breeds to range and graze freely, to eat and live naturally – reducing stress and promoting better animal welfare.

Traditionally, farmers use Gauchos and horses on their Ranches and combine century’s old practices with modern technology to deliver 100% traceable, high quality, Natural beef.
BPU operates a state-of-the-art, purpose built facility, which has been recognised by the World Beef Congress, as one of the best plants in the world. The unique animal handling systems have been designed in conjunction with Temple Grandin, a world leader in animal welfare.
Our ‘Never Ever’ program guarantees that our Grass fed, free ranged beef has ‘Never Ever’ been given hormones or antibiotics.
Our beef is sourced from our own farms and the BPU Producer Club, which consists of approx. 320 Ranches. BPU work closely with their farmers, rewarding them for producing the finest quality beef, which is used exclusively in all of the Natural Group restaurants.
100% Traceability is assured!

BPU and its Producer club guarantee 100% traceability, ensuring our customers have complete transparency, not only of the origin, but also the quality and standard of the beef they are consuming.

‘Never Ever’ Certification - The Natural Group – The Natural Way